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Workshop Precious Metal Clay Workshop Precious Metal Clay

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COPPRclay™ and BRONZclay™ workshop (2 days)
In this workshop you will learn everything about COPPRlay and BRONZclay!
Contact me by email for more information.

Including: COPPRclay™, BRONZclay™, tools and materials, full lunch, coffee, tea, etc...

Price: € 195,-

Silverclay workshop (1 day)
Voorbeeld Saskia This workshop is for beginners as well as more advanced ceramicists. You will start off with the shaping -rolling, sculpting or folding- of the silverclay, after which it will be dried using a hairdrier or cooking plate. Once dry, you will start refining your jewelery by sanding and grinding till it is perfect. Afterwards we will bake it in the ovent till it changes into pure silver. After cooling, the finishing starts. Using a metal brush, sandpaper or polishing steel you will create your own silver masterpiece.
By making your own piece you will discover the many possibilities of this fantastic material. Examples, molds and structures will be available for use.

Time: 10am till 5.30pm

Including: 16.5 grams of silver PMC3, full lunch, coffee, tea, etc...

Price: € 115,-

Technics workshop (1 day)
This workshop is meant for those who have already worked with metal clays and would like to learn more about this fascinating material. After a thorough explanation of various possible techniques a participant can decide which one to persue; think about making rings with or without aides, embedding stones or gems, using molds or making hollow shapes using supports, coloring the silver or even using the PMC syringe. By setting up the workshop this way, everybody can see the different techniques used by other participants.
And if you would like to try even more, just sign up for this workshop again!

Time: 10am till 5.30pm

Including: 16.5 grams of silver PMC3, full lunch, coffee, tea, etc...

Price: € 125,-

Ceramics + Silverclay workshop (2 dagen)
This workshop is for all ceramicists who want to learn how to combine PMC with ceramics and, of course, your own work. The first day will be used for a detailed explanation and the shaping and finishing of the PMC. We will do this on the works you brought along. During the night the PMC and the ceramics will be fire together. The second day starts with finishing and/or polishing the silver. Afterwards we will do PMC Raku firing. We will mold the metal clay on the bisque fired works, glaze it and fire it in a raku oven.

Bring along for day 1: pre-made works, glazed or engobe, stoneware, earthenware or porcelain, maximum dimensions 10x10x10 cm (4x4x4 inches)

Bring along for day 2: bisque fired, small peices like bowls, hangers or boxes from raku or procelain. Please note, bisque fire at 1080°C (1980 °F)!

Including: 25 grams of silver PMC3, full lunch, coffee, tea, etc...

Price: € 235,-

On request only.

My atelier in Oss, The Netherlands

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