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Metalclay: Gold-, Silver-, Bronze- en Copperklay Metalclay: Gold-, Silver-, Bronze- en Copperklay

The principles of Metal Clay

Porcelain with Silverclay Metal clay is made by mixing powdered particles of metal with a binder and pure water, creating a moldable substance.
This material can be sculpted, shaped and rolled with ease. You can even throw it on a potters wheel. Once dry it can stay soft or flexible making carving easy. Grinding and polishing is less hard when done on the dried material than after baking.

When this 'clay' is baked in an oven, the binder burns away and the particles sinter together to form a solid metal. This metal can be processed in lots of different ways: polishing, colloring, enameling (except bronzclay), drilling, sawing, grinding, patinating, soldering, etc.

Masters Registry - Letter Opener D2 Silver Clay first came out in Japan in the early 90ies. It was marketed in the USA in 1996. The two best known brands are PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and Art Clay. Bronz clay was invented by Bill
Struve in 2008 followed by Copper clay in 2009. Silver clay is made of fine silver .999 silver. Because sterling silver .925 silver is stronger, people started mixing copper clay with fine silver clay. This resulted in .960 silver clay, easily fired on the kiln shelf. This EZ960&tm; silver clay was also invented by Bill Struve. Since the metal clays are off patent, there are lots of companies producing and selling all types of metal clay.

Bronze singing bowl

My workshops challange you to discover Metal Clay in all it's forms. And to discover the strength of the material, namely the numerous possible combinations with other materials and disciplines.

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