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Metal Clay Masters Registry Program Metal Clay Masters Registry Program

Metal Clay Masters Registry Program
After being in development for four years, the Masters Registry Program is launched. If you are really interested in Metal Clay, then is this your programme.

Masters Registry Opdracht A8 The Metal Clay Masters Registry is a fantastic all round education for everybody who wants to go on with metal clay in a professional way.

The Masters Registry Program is a structural program with an independent evaluation system, at this moment it is the most prestigious and professional education program in metal clay.

Tim McCreight asked 12 artists from all over the world to help him, Celie Fago and Chris Darway, to develop the program and to perform the projects. Luckily I am one of them.

Masters Registry Opdracht A8 It is my task to advise about the content of the project and to actually perform all steps. To think about all the different projects, which lie in and outside of my profession, is a terrific challenge. As a ceramist a feel the need to perform as many projects as I can in combination with my porcelain.

PMC Masters Registry - Stamp E2

In December of 2008 I graduated Metal Clay Masters Registry I, in 2013 Metal Clay Masters Registry II.